Monday, October 12, 2009

Rachel Maddow: Obama is Given the Nobel Peace Prize, Responds Appropriately and Then Out Come the Fools

Americans should be proud of electing Barack Obama as our President. He will encounter great resistance for many ugly, hateful reasons... we need to evolve a bit quicker I think. Sink the ship of Fools. There is, I've sadly come to understand, a bit more going on here than just politics. Growing up in NYC it never occurred to me that I would pick my friends and associates based on race, color or creed... I still find it hard to swallow... We really are all in the same canoe... one end will not sink by itself. Take my hand and let's go... We have things to do. There are injustices to deal with. Lawns to mow and houses to paint. Remember as a child how none of this stuff really mattered? Just Come on out and play. Now... Speak out against the madness. Speak up for Peace and Justice. Hear them call your name and do something that matters. Something for your brothers and sisters.


  1. Very nice thoughts. While I did not personally vote for Obama, I do respect his office and the fact that he is trying to accomplish some good things for our country.

    I believe it is important we all do our part in this and that was the point of the video I have posted, Standing Up For What Is Right by Larry Ray Palmer

  2. Victor2:11 PM

    Your views are positive.

    But I see no reason to ignore the continuous boost of US militia in Iraq, n Afghanistan with Iran on its way.

    Any action could not be justified to be in the best interest of the Americans or any nationality for that matter, when pregnant women, soldiers, children, n old men are forced to take vaccination; which has resulted in greater deaths & lifelong injuries - internally as well as external to the body and mind.

    Where the statistics, data, and whistle blowers are being ignored by getting termed as "XXX Derangement Syndrome"; where basic democratic rights of the citizens are withheld, and taxpayers money is efficiently used to kill innocent men, women, and children in different countries one by one;

    how would anyone justify 'Nobel Peace Prize', damn, for the US President??

    It is not the question of being proud for one Nation's President getting the prize.

    This is about the Peace inside. About being able to love n live the freedom, where your kids have a healthy childhood, where you wouldn't think twice before meeting an old friend with a beard n specific surnames.

    This is about the Truth.

    Best Regards,