Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Moments..The Miracle of Mindfulness

I just saw this... and it really struck me. The day to day things that we just roll right over and forget. We just move on to the next thing. I forget to take the moments for what they are... they are my life. 
I have been reading a lot about Positive Psychology recently.. and it really is amazing me. I never new that the study ever existed.
I am going to be mindful today. Taking everything in and trying not to take anything for granted..

Im going to see my family right now. Getting on a train for Southern California. Excited to be with the people that I love.. something that I used to take for granted... now I'm just going to take each moment at a time...
Have a Good Day. Smile at someone..

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  1. A great video and I love your comments.Yes, In a moment a lot can happen to change or lives forever. We need to cherish the ones we love while we have them.