Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Senator Snowe helps make History. Finally..

What a huge day in Washington it has been with the Senate Finance Committee moving to pass the fifth and final health care reform proposal. The measure passed with a 14-9 margin. Republican Senator Olympia Snowe was the lone republican that supported the bill. In her remarks she said.."when history calls, history calls."
For someone that is my age that statement really hit me. It seems to me that it is the people that see the importance of these moments in history are the ones that make history.. they see the consequences of not acting... and they act.  They see something that is more than themselves and they act.
When I was younger my father gave me a hypothetical situation to think about... it would always stick with me in whatever I do. He asked me what I would do if I saw someone in the street as a car was coming at them...
What would I do?  Would I wait and see what would happen? Or would I just react and do what I thought was right... When he asked me that question I couldn't really give him and answer. I was really pretty young... probably about 13 years old and I had no idea what I would do.
Now I know what I would do.. it seems like that is the attitude that makes things move forward.
By moving this bill out of committee there will be more debate on it on the floors of both houses of Congress. That is the way that this whole thing is supposed to work...
So I have to say Bravo to Senator Snowe for showing a little "out of the box" thinking... and moving things forward.

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