Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Our Oceans Need Your Help

Global fisheries really are in bad shape. Due, quite simply, to decades of overfishing.
In an accelerating battle over the fate of one of the last great lions of the open ocean – the blue-fin tuna. Its succulent flesh is so popular in sushi that its very existence is threatened. A single blue-fin – they typically grow to eight feet and 800 pounds – may sell for $100,000 in Japan.
Such price tags, and humanity’s hunger for protein, have put a bull’s-eye not just on bluefin, but on scores of other species as well. Nine of 23 tuna species worldwide are “fully fished” – meaning catches should not be increased. Four more are “overexploited” or “depleted,” according to the United Nations’ Food
and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The tuna’s plight is shared by many marine species now being hunted by large, modern fishing fleets that use satellite tracking and sophisticated fishing gear, scientists say.
Please see The End Of the Line and the Riz Khan Fishing crisis series.  
Another important thing to do is to join Surfrider. The work they do is award winning and membership is worthwhile for anyone who cares...and since you've gotten this far, that's you! Thanks!

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