Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rebranding America...Bono's Latest

Bono's Op-Ed in the New York Times this morning says what I've been thinking and saying over the past few months as people here in this wonderful, dynamic, blessed America have been grumbling and turning away from opportunity.

When did Americans start saying and believing "No, we can't."? Our President gave us permission in his campaign and victory to follow him in saying "Yes, we CAN!"

The United States of America was founded on radical and revolutionary beliefs about creating a New World. Now, we are faced with the daunting and pressing challenge of leading the Old World in creating another New World...a world of peace, prosperity and care for all of our brothers and sisters. The result will be a global security and stewardship of Our Creator's gift of this Earth that we both deserve and have a responsibility to achieve.

Hoorah for those who dare to dream of a better world. Hoorah for Barack Obama. Hoorah for you in finding ways that you can take part in creating this world.

Peace to all of my brothers and is a gift...go for it! Love, Ali

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  1. Anonymous12:34 AM

    #1. It's been constant NEW WORLD ORDER from these cranks for 100 years. Where have you been? What you are thinking now is just your manifestation of a natural reaction that people have been having for decades. Your sentiments don't refute the facts. It's not going to get better, because instead of ramming through the agenda, the left politicos and left public want Obama to do it for them. Gordon Brown, Gary Hart, Henry Kissinger.
    #2. The idea that it's a matter of people not doing good is false.
    #3. We didn't get here by mistake.
    #4. It's not "No we can't". It's "No they won't".
    #5. It's not "Yes we can". It's "Have faith in financial technocrats. Yes they will".
    #6. Obama has castrated the anti war movement.
    #7. Obama has disengaged unions.
    #8. Obama has pacified the left.
    #9. Obam is a right winger with left cover.