Friday, February 07, 2014

Phablets: Time for a Larger Phone... Note 3 vs LG G-Flex

Went shopping today for a bit and I was pleasantly surprised to find two LG G-Flex devices on display today at the new Main St ATT store in Salinas, CA. Thought I'd love the curved screen. I do.  Got 3 reps to join in the fun and get after this beast and here's the conclusion: the software is confusing and while there are some cool features we all liked (like tapping the screen to turn it on/off) none of us could figure out how to do things that are simple and intuitive on the Note 3 (including doing split screen). I was ready to take this phone home as I want to get a larger device and am overdue for an upgrade (currently using a Nexus 5 for most of my mobile communications).  Soo we played and played and the more we did the more we said things like , "the icons sure are ugly". "better root that baby", "I'm confused".. all the while one of the reps was pulling up videos on how to use this phone.. Looks like I'm ready to go with the Note 3 on this one.. any thoughts? Seems the Note 3 was snappier, better looking (1080p) and more intuitive.