Monday, February 22, 2010

GOP hates Obama Health Care Plan; GOP refuses to offer own plan

"GOP hates Obama Health Care Plan; GOP refuses to offer own plan"... Sooo that's the kind of headline that stops me in my tracks. I lost a friend last year. A father. A business owner. A decent guy who had coverage by an insurance company that debated his life over a technicality in his coverage... while they debated.. he died.. he left a wife and 3 lovely children, employees and friends to wonder why.. I will never forget getting that phone call.. the Plan that the Dems had put forth at the time might have helped have save his life.. Any Democrat or Republican that is so ignorant of the fundamental need in society to provide decent healthcare to it's citizen's is walking on the wrong side of life. They are evil.. This is an issue of compassion... pure and simple... Others have learned this lesson the hard way as well.. I have blogged about it here and we dedicated a site to it:  and everyday decent people compose tweets and letters to editors. Responsible journalists write articles in newspapers around the world... we jump on Haiti and other natural disasters to help our Brothers and Sisters in times of need but stick to our silly sides when it comes to long term solutions for our people.... anyway here's the link to the article.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bill Gates at TED on Climate and Energy Policy

Bill Gates on energy: Innovating to zero! | Video on

...this is so impressive. To see the often noted most wealthy person in the world take up this critical cause is indeed heartening...what do you think? (if the video does not start please click Here. You'll be taken to the TED site.)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

a Bit Confused Today? Me Too!... and where are the good guys?

Downright fascinated (again) by this morning's financial market activity....first thing (starting at 3am) the feeds and alerts all looked about like this: "Stocks (will) open(ed) lower Thursday after a surprise jump in jobless claims, a disappointing signal on the employment front ahead of Friday's jobs report. But Cisco shares rose. The networking-gear maker beat earnings expectations and CEO John Chambers said on CNBC this morning that business spending is "way up."

It seems we really can't trust the job numbers that come out as the follow-up from CNBC looked like this: "Correction: Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Rose Last Week Up 8,000 to 480,000; Survey expected Down 10,000 " the unemployment number 20%? Is there recovery or is Chambers really just being John with the good word?

The market moves on these"numbers" (of course)and then we find out the market responded to incorrect numbers and all I can think is "give me a break"... maybe time to take a walk... the conspiracy crowd is right after-all. My old partner Dan used to say (he was an investment partner), "of course it's corrupt, but we are making money. No excuses". Well we did for a bit and then?... was that ugly? Yup.

and next? well BofA is having a few more problems: "the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a motion Thursday seeking court approval of a proposed settlement where Bank of America will pay $150 million to settle SEC charges that the company failed to properly disclose employee bonuses and financial losses at Merrill Lynch before shareholders approved the merger of the companies in December 2008." answer to this? Go find a friend and take a walk. If the friend is a wonderful Dog you better put him on a lease it seems... maybe embrace humanity, pick up some litter, try some graceful behavior ("may I please" instead of "gimme" at lunch).. what we do really does matter.

...and then get one of these: "One part garden shed, one part eco-clubhouse and one part home office, the Archipod gives work-at-homers a chance to step out of the house ... and into the backyard.".. a place to meditate. We all need some Peace.

..Oh and btw: we still need healthcare reform!