Monday, July 12, 2010

In Search of Courage in Politics In California..and In Basketball.

Headline in today's NYT: Governors Voice Grave Concerns on Immigration. And I have one thought.. Our Governors are concerned that the wrong choice(s) will be made and re-election will be hampered ("...worrying that it could cost a vulnerable Democratic Party in the fall elections.").. Can we go on a search for a wealthy politician who doesn't care if he or she gets re-elected? Let's for once admit that most of the people are too ill-informed to develop a reasonable opinion about anything.. we need some leaders but our education system and corporations are determined to keep people dumb. Please watch TV and get you brains sucked out...Where is the next John Kennedy? 

We have a roomful of Republicans who just bitch about everything as if none of it is their fault with no plan to fix anything..Are they part of? IWill a canoe sink in one end. Let's get the straight. We are in  this together. All for one and one for all.. Brotherhood and Love is the only answer. California two ex-ceo's (who did terrible jobs turning great companies into impersonal awful and fear filled organizations) are talking about how the unemployment in California is all the Democrats fault.. One of them purged jobs in their last job faster than anyone could remember while she used company money to spy on the bosses who hired her. She attempted to run off some of the finest philanthropic individuals of her board. The heir of their once great companies' founder.

In a meaningful practice we learn to do the next right thing, not consider all the likely personal implications of our selfish motives... and then there was LeBron... I hope the Celtics whip you butt.. and if they don't, Orlando does.