Saturday, October 10, 2009

Choosing To Be Healthy-An Active Lifestyle and Good Food. Eating Out Guide

Choosing to eat healthy, workout, and live an active lifestyle is not always an easy decision.  Although ideally we would all love to be in great shape, and eat nothing but health food all the time, realistically our busy lifestyles take over, and don’t always allow for that choice.  Here are a few helpful tips & tricks to eating healthy, even when we are on the go!

Eating-Out Guide & Guidelines
  • Request all sauces & dressings on the side, and then use them sparingly.
  • Avoid added fat!  Avoid fried foods.  Choose steamed, baked, broiled, boiled, poached or grilled instead.
  • Avoid restaurants that are “all you can eat” or pride themselves on large portions.
  • When ordering a salad, don’t be afraid of being picky; ask for extra vegetables and no croutons and dressing on the side. 
  • If it is OK with the rest of your party- ask the server not to bring bread (you will save 200 calories or more)
  • Plan ahead, pick out what you want to eat before arriving to the restaurant and stay focused.  Don’t let other people in your party effect your food choices.
  • Have a low fat, high fiber snack (fruit, raw vegetables, or yogurt) before you go out to eat so that you avoid feeling too hungry, and prevent the temptation to over eat.
  • Ask for the waiter/waitress to pack ½ of your meal in a to-go box before bringing it to the table.  (will save you ½ the calories & will provide you with lunch for the next day)
  • Eat your calories, don’t drink them!  Order water or non-sweetened iced tea instead of soda or juice.
  • When ordering soup, choose brothy, vegetable soups like minestrone over creamy soups like clam chowder.  You will save yourself hundreds of calories, and be careful of sodium.
General Guidelines-
  • Mexican Food
    -Ask for whole beans instead of refried beans ( avoid the extra fat)
    -Order a tostada without the fried shell
    -Order the vegetable or chicken fajitas and hold the sour cream, cheese and tortillas.
  • Italian Food
    -Skip the bread before your meal, order a side salad instead
    -Opt for marinara sauce instead of Alfredo, and always ask for the sauce on the side so you can add it yourself.
    -Ask for some steamed vegetables to be added to your meal.
    -Limit your wine consumption to 1 glass (200-300 Calories per glass)
  • Chinese or Thai Food
    -Avoid fried foods or any dish in a heavy sauce (sweat & sour)
    -Ask the server for your food to be steamed instead of fried.
    -Skip the rice and noodle dishes, choose a dish with vegetables instead
  • Sushi
    -Avoid fried rolls like spider rolls or crispy shrimp rolls.
    -Avoid extra fats like cream cheese and cream sauces.
    -Ask for the chef to use brown rice instead of white rice.
    -Order rolls that are wrapped in seaweed instead of rice.
    -Order a side salad or a cup of miso soup (a very healthy choice).
    -Skip anything tempura fried.
  • American Food
    -Avoid fried foods, onion rings, French fries, and stuffed peppers.  (These don’t count as vegetables, but good try!)
    -Opt for a vegi burger instead of a traditional hamburger, and ask for it to be wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.
    -Eat your calories, don’t drink them, stay away from calorie packed sodas, milkshakes, chocolate milk and even juice.
    -Don’t cave into the craving for dessert!!!  But…if you must, share 1 dessert with 2-4 people.  Opt for a berry cobbler, or sherbet instead of chocolate cake or cheese cake.
    -Always order a side salad or steamed vegis on the side INSTEAD of French fries or cole slaw.  (Remember dressing on the side!)
Most of all, remember to enjoy your food, taste it, savor it, enjoy it. 

-This article was submitted by Sarah Sanders who is the Owner of OmOasis in Monterey, CA. OmOasis is a Full Service Yoga and Wellness Studio on the corner of Cass and Webster in Downtown Monterey, CA offering classes in Vinyasa Flow, Power and Karma Yoga, Spin, Pilates, Personal Training and Nutritional Consulting. There you will also find a Boutique with Workout/Yoga Clothes, Gifts and handmade jewelry. 831 917-0177/

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  1. this is exactly what i needed to read today. being married to a chef and having a food blog, i'm used to just drizzling on the oil and adding butter to whatever, but i've started a new regimen in the past few weeks where i'm really watching what i eat (and i need to blog about that soon). it was especially hard on friday when we went out to eat and the server brought bread to the table - instinctively i reached for it, not even realizing what i was doing until i caught myself. weird, the bad habits we have to break.