Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beach Cleanup-Feelin' Good by Doin' Good

Last Saturday saw an intrepid band of volunteers gather on Del Monte Beach at the shore of beautiful Monterey Bay. I was there and we all were a part of the Surfrider Monterey October Beach Cleanup. Although we certainly expected more volunteers, I like to see the glass as half full and loved watching the folks who came walk off into the kelp-strewn, surf-tossed natural mayhem that is a natural beach on a dynamic Ocean Bay. They had their litter tally sheets and their love for this Mother Ocean who knows no bounds to her generosity in the life she gives us. It's just a little thing we can do each month to give back to that which sustains us all. When all was said and done, over 2,000 pieces of plastic, styrofoam, bags, butts, fishing line and general "yuck" was picked up in just a couple of sun-kissed hours. Hey, next month, come join us...we do a different beach every month...we'd love to see you. To find out which beach and when, go to the Surfrider Monterey site. If you aren't in the Monterey Bay Area but are lucky enough to be close to the oceans, you can get involved with Surfrider Foundation's awesome work. Check it out by starting with Surfrider Foundation's 122 Victories for the Ocean since 1/1/2006. Feelin' Good...doin' is good.
--Your friend, Ali

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