Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Call to Action?? Relax...

I woke up to Chris Brogan imploring us to "get in the game"... then Twitter informed my it was blog action day (we write a lot about the environment here and don't need a "day" to do it but will anyway...later) ... I started to think about what a two-time Olympic athlete told me when I ran for the Oregon Track Club (many years ago) ... He said, "today you may need to rest and today you may need to go hard. Whatever you do, just make sure you are stronger tomorrow because of what you do today." That Athlete was  Kenny Moore and he looks like he's followed his own advise. The trick here is to get quiet. To Meditate and listen to how your body feels... That's my call...Slow down.. We run the race for more followers on Twitter and readers in the blogosphere and fast times in the marathon of life... remember it is not a sprint... You'll need energy in the end... take it easy and help your brother with his load. Relax for a change. It will come.

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