Sunday, October 04, 2009

We Make a Difference- keeping our eyes on the health of the planet and it's citizens

This is my first post for Jazzmonk's From the Treehouse with the Ocean View (FTTH). I believe in this blog because the purpose of FTTH is to raise spirits, raise consciousness, raise in our own way (all friends who contribute here) to make the world a better place. Take back the Net. Use the power. Stand Up!

There is so much good to tap into and our purpose is to share that goodness as we find it on the Web, in our workplace, in a book, in meditation, heard on the street...the underlying current of life and the universe is LOVE and it's everywhere to find and share.

Remember, you hold the power, you make a difference. We need you here. Please read this will remind you of what you already know. We are in this together. The Rabbis Gift

See you soon...keep smiling! Ali

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