Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today we get the latest version of Apple Pie..

"They’re (Apple)  capable of raising people’s expectations and restoring a sense of joy and delight in technology". How True.. and there is  more of where that came from Here. A great article about the Apple tablet and what may be expected of it... Technology should be useful, fun and help the world get along better... communicate great ideas to a lot of people quickly. When we were building the Internet we only thought about network design and how much money we were spending to put the fiber in the ground and under the ocean... who might connect and how much they'd spend to do that. Eventually we thought of applications that would require bandwidth so we could sell more capacity and raise more money based on projections of what folks would pay for that privilege. So things have changed of course and today we'll get a look at what will no doubt be considered somewhat revolutionary. Gotta have... or Gotta have when it gets this must have feature it doesn't have yet... It's a first gen product. an Kindle killer? Some say so.. Hearing it has dual camera  (or lens) for video conferencing. Sounds neat... no cost to connect... hard to believe but read this:  Thoughts on what an Apple tablet should be – or not. And you can follow the fella who wrote these articles here: Andy Ihnatko . So I'll get some sleep between now and 10AM  PST tomorrow when I will be like my friend Kyle Reimer who will be   ..."paying way too much attention to Twitter and Wired and not enough attention to my (his) job". Think we are waiting for Jobs to really deliver something special... I'm finding it hard to believe anything could fulfill the promise, unless he adds speed, better battery life, a good network (no dropped calls) and a keyboard to my iPhone... for me the best thing yet while digging around for the latest spy fotos was to be told about an iPhone app called WAZE: Real-time maps and traffic information based on the wisdom of the crowd.  Gonna try it... maybe join me..

...and in the morning, I'll be tracking Engadget and Twitter.

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