Saturday, January 02, 2010

newMedia Advisers...Social Media Consultants

Seems the Ventures always start the same way... minding someone else's business I was discussing how to structure a joint venture/partnership with a client and at the end of our conversation, that had gone rather well, he cleared his throat and said, "after we do this deal I want to ask a favor of you. I have an online presence (or is it a personality?) going back a couple of years but it is fragmented and ineffective and I'd like to create a cohesive, easy to find and understand online Brand of One as you say. Will you help me?" He went to ask if I had the time to work with him as a Senior Adviser and of course the answer was "sure"...He's a Great Guy with a Heart of Gold. (it's really possible to run a big organization and tell the truth and be compassionate). Every venture has a humanitarian thread or two in it's basic fabric...  "when you are back out on the Coast come by and we'll walk through it and then off you go"... never thought of doing this, but I started counting the Blogs (Mine are listed over there on the right side with all the Affiliates) and profiles and so forth... I'm a regular Gman... Google and Goss..

Hardly an online personality. I do have 20,000 followers on Twitter (would Love to have you Follow Me and I auto follow back btw)  and have a purpose to it all. Been suspended a few times as I sorted out what you can and are discouraged from doing on what I believe will be the most powerful personal and professional medium when integrated with Wave (still have a couple of invites for the asking: ...with a "why you" please) for the foreseeable future.... and then there is my partner Richierich who has a few thousand devout followers as well.. We have done some promos and driven some traffic to various sites and causes and at this point we've tried a few of the get rich quick scams (STOP IT!!!) and all the "get thousands of followers" jive programs ... somewhere in this blog is the story about how we got here, but suffice to say for a lot less than my client was willing to pay me we can help an individual out with the personal technology and ways to go about creating a presence on-line for individuals and Execs... and We are a nice mix.. and then there is Facebook where I have some friends and family but have not done a lot of networking... OK for "sharing".

Richie is 30 and a Mac (Genius actually) and I'm a soon to be 60 ex-corp exec and former Mac and now a PC... and then there is Ali who, though less visible, has a wonderful business sense (Commercial Real Estate on the Monterey Peninsula) and one of the world's biggest hearts  as well as more service commitments in the areas of Ecology and Social Services than anyone I know (Mother Teressa in a Business Suit)... So we get what it means to be relevant and responsible and can help guide anyone through the maze that at first seems confusing.. Let's make some sense of it... Next thing is the one man  Your Board of Directors... and I think I'm doing that again... gratis! Love to Help... Safe Travels!... a Sort of Social Media Mentor..hmmm. Feel free to call or write.

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