Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Pacific Ocean's Garbage Patch/Charles Moore on The Colbert Report

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Some attempts at humor here, but important to know a bit about what's going on... did we really think that "out of sight, out of mind" was going to be a sustainable strategy for our beautiful planet?


  1. It's just not funny. This is such a serious issue.

  2. we used to live next door to two scientist who were ocean experts... there is plastic in the smallest organisms in the deepest parts of the ocean,... we really need to adopt a 100% recyclable policy with plastics.. I had a ceo of a plastics company (big company) explain to me how his company has done this... at great expense but (as he said)"we had to".

  3. I agree that this gyr tragedy is not a laughing matter! Colbert is tricky like a fox to get people to listen to this serious message by opening their ears with humor. They laugh...they think...they comprehend...they become alarmed...and hopefully, they act. Thanks, Shane, for loving and acting to protect our Mother. Ali