Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Never Thought I'd see the Day.. My Main Phone is an Android

Have read a few of these posts lately.. a simple search will pull them up. Try: Android has left iOS behind. I've switched from iPhone to Android. Thinking different? You're using Android, says the Guru. Hardware matters and the specs are what they are, but specs are only part of the story. That's a good thing for Apple, cause the specs on this Android phone I've switched to are untouchable today. 1080p. 1.5 Quad-core, 2 Gigs of RAM...etc. etc. OK. Specs are never the whole story. Onward.
I have been using the iPhone for years... it finally knocked a Blackberry out of my pocket for good around the time the 3G was introduced and I got the latest iPhone 5 the day it was available (1/2hr wait at the local Verizon store). Love it (used the 4 and 4s and loved them too)... Love 'em still. In fairness, the 3G didn't "sell" me. My friends referred to it as the "iphoney" adding, "any real businessman has a Blackberry". Right! The iPhone had apps and did everything  the Blackberry did and  RIMM/Blackberry ignored the beauty and simplicity of the iPhone and it's app ecosystem. 
I was chatting recently with a technology (and car) loving CTO from England who shares a deep respect for the excitement  trails the tribulations  of Formula 1 racing with me. We communicate through the racing season as the  spirit moves us. When we met we were fanboys. I remember when he went to Android.. He's a Nexus guy now for his good reasons and wrote me a nice explanation of why after I asked him if he owned anything apple now.. We both have Apple TVs and laptop's...  no more iPad for him.. He has a Nexus 7 which is the "perfect device to sit in front of the TV with". He was looking forward to getting a Nexus 4  but there is a technical problem that even the best technologists have very little defense/strategy for and that's sales forecasting as best I can tell.. I assume you know that story too and again, a search will reveal all the ins and outs of LG vs Google as it applies to the availability of the Nexus 4. So I heard the pitch and my friend knows I tried a couple of Samsung Android phones 3 years ago. A lot has changed. Then Android showed promise but was not integrated and developed like it is today. Then there was no Google Now (how great is Google Now? It can give you info so you can redirect your commute based on traffic, handle the ticketing for most flights, along with keeping up with many things that matter to you before you think about them..). 3 years ago you still had to do things over and over like you do on iPhone. Android wasn't intuitive like it is now. Then Android was trying to catch iOS... man how things have really changed. Chrome sync's with all other devices using it (simple) and it's fast and easy, but the Google/Android integration is now no less than (sorry Steve) magical. Put your credentials in ONCE (you are using dual auth right?) and within seconds  gMail, Tasks, Google Voice, Calendar and your inflated (thanks to Google +) contacts list are all there ready for you to arrange  anyway you like... with widgets and apps (yeah the developers still work on the iOS apps first it seems and some are a bit cleaner on iPhone. So what?)...  They are all here... Weather and Surf apps. Evernote, Waze, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, Instagram, Pulse, Flipboard... you get the picture. ScoreMobile.. and Maps... Yup.. do that search if you haven't heard enough about Maps and Apple (what the hell were they thinking?). And that's the point... Googlers have really used Android. A Lot! And it shows.. things are faster and more intuitive. Lots of folks have talked about the sharing capabilities (a long list and you enter credentials once for nearly ALL programs) and other capabilities. All good and Android has a few tech celebrity endorsers claiming a new mobile dawn has arrived. But here's the Ace for me. For years I carried a Walkman and a cell phone. Then an iPod and a cell phone and I hoped for one device that would do it all... it came.... But this Android phone is an HTC.. it has Beats Audio.  I have good ears... I grew up listening to and then playing music. I know what sounds good... digital compression is lousy but portability wins while lossless helps the quality. I loaded doubleTwist  and sync'd up (wirelessly!  The cliche of our time is there is an app for that right?) Went for a drive.. first I sync'd the new Phone with the car and then I heard things in the music I only hear on the made for a desert island system that powers up the Man Cave. The system that cost the same as the nice Automobile. As I understand it, Beats uses a "2.5 volt Headset Amp for bigger and better sound". It works... It Works Great... connected over Bluetooth in the car of all things... Do I really care how it works? It sounds absolutely great. I love it. 
I'm all in with Google. The best reasons are security through dual auth, simple design and functionality... not always pretty but getting better all the time.... I really like this new phone and when I pick up the iPhone it seems small and cumbersome somehow.. no longer elegant (it is I know..but not as much). I have to provide the same information again and again to apps. It is NOT different. It's tired. No NFC. No going in and saying "yes" to updates for all apps when they are available (automatic for the people on Android. Just check the box and be done with it). My only complaint is that somehow the carrier (Verizon in this case) has conspired with the phone manufacturers to delay the distribution of the latest OS.. for security reasons? I don't know. Time for another search perhaps. I like to understand these things. This is why my friend Marc loves the Nexus... everything including Android is up to date. We have LTE here.. 25 Mbps on the phone is where it's at.... even put the Verizon Home Fusion Broadband in to use occasionally with the old ATT DSL at 6 Mbps. I still use the iPhone of course... Waze renders better (they'll fix that) and the Apple Remote app controls a lot of the media streaming we do here at the Treehouse. But I'm sold. It's like mobile has been reinvented. Out with the Old and in with the New.
The Phone? Its an HTC Droid DNA. Bought it from Amazon. Got a great deal...  Here's the link: 

Apple just announced earnings and at this point in time their stock is down about $25 after-hours having peaked at just over $700 a few months ago. It will likely be more than $200 a share less tomorrow. Join the revolution. Time for Apple to listen to some of it's old marketing. Or maybe Steve Jobs just cannot be replaced.

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