Wednesday, January 09, 2013

From iPhone to ... Android? Windows Phone? It's the Browser.

This instantly reminds me of the Mac vs PC flame wars in the forums on Engadget or Verge or Gizmodo(!). What do you use?  Have an opinion? Today I have an old Dell laptop running Ubuntu. A year old mbp running OSX. An xps laptop running Windows 8 and a big custom, multiscreen powerhouse of a desktop that is happily doing business on the web running Windows 8. I had no problems installing it and running it is great. I discover new, useful capabilities almost everyday. Highly recommended. But, here's the deal. Having got on-line in the early/mid 90's on a dial up 4800 connection with HookedNet, Compuserve, Newsgroups, mosaic etc. the browser has been and remains the critical piece of my digital life. Apps are getting close, but it was about the time that I knew everything except our music (3 servers. nearly 400 Gigs of mostly lossless stuff) would be moving online that the browser became the most critical app/program I used. I spent at least a year using Opera and 5+ with Firefox and have come to the conclusion that across multiple machines Chrome does the best job of syncing things up. Along with being super fast, I now know it well. When the iPhone 4s came out, I loved that device so much I tried to use Safari to keeps things "together" and it just never worked out right. So without getting into a whole endless discussion about this platform and that handset, I want to be able to move as seamlessly as possible from desktop to tablet to iPhone/Android/WinPhone. Chrome will help me get closer to my ideal. It's my answer. I have thought about a Windows Phone. Does it run Chrome? A rep in an ATT store today told me they are selling a lot of Lumina's and 'Droids. "No one cares about specs and customers are "tired" of the same old iPhone". Is he right? Another opinion. Windows Phone? The price is right. Are the apps there (yet)?. I would never count Microsoft out. They have resources as a friend likes to repeat over and over again. And the enterprise uses Office. There are synergies. Mark Cuban recently said the new Lumina "crushes iPhone. Not even close"  Every CTO I know except one is "on Android" and wouldn't think of going back to iPhone or (in one case) Blackberry. Kevin Rose tweeted he is now "100% Android". Kawasaki thinks differently as  Really? And then there is Music. "A Phone, an Internet device and an iPod" Who said that?... Remember that day? Steve's crowning achievement  Here's the big surprise according to my testing.. Beats Audio on the HTC Droid DNA... best sounding digital music these old, tuned musician ears have heard yet.. Hope Neil Young is reading (is Pono gonna happen?)... give a listen... Doubletwist is the app I used.. sounded great. All the specs lead to a great experience. 1080p screen is spectacular. Now about that keyboard...Chrome is the browser.. gMail, Drive.. Android. Is it waterproof?  maybe the new Sony..

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