Monday, July 06, 2009

Twitter-click to follow me

Off we go to this place that I thought was a waste of time.. it can be. Less than two weeks ago I had 3 (maybe 5 people) I followed and I had weighed in on election day about the choice I'd made live in the stream (very cool) and really never gave Twitter much thought. Our site ( was up and  there was no great migration (ya know?) and I started to wonder, "what do ya do?". Nice site Geoff built. Took Months.. it's nice... we had hired a marketing consulting firm (check's in the mail) who told us that we should get going and build a following on Twitter and Facebook...the prospect of generating much activity on FB was slim..but on Twitter?...that might be another story.. first came the get rich quick scams... bought one... learned to use SocialOomph and Opened a Clickbank account and became a spammer... got quickly embarrassed by a lovely follower who wrote this: "send me one 'increase your followers by 10,000 tomorrow' message in any form and you're blocked"... I love that girl today I do. the culture corrects itself it seems if you pay attention. It is a friendly ,supportive place. I quickly followed 2000 (by hand)  power users to see what they were doing.. some returned the follow (I found them at: and wefollow). I loaded twitterberry onto the Bold and have Uber and Tiny Twitter on the Blackberry as well... have facebook for BB there but it's a more limited environment so far... friends you I went from 0 to 1200+ followers in a week and a half as a nobody and using SocialOomph to post about the things that meant (still do actually) something to me...I'm in the stream.  Ultimately I settled on using Tweetadder to control my searching for following and add those who share our commitment to a mindful existence. Those who care about Health Care reform. the Oceans. Wildlife. Vegetarianism. Meditation. Peace. Love.  Yoga. Our Children. Truth and Justice... I hope you'll join me.. it's a good place to be...@pgoss.

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