Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Our Health Care System Is Broken

Our health care system is broken, and American families and businesses urgently need a solution.

-Forty-Seven million Americans are Uninsured.
-Premiums are growing four times faster than wages. My wife and I pay $500 a month for very little coverage. We are fortunate..
-Half of all personal bankruptcies stem from medical expenses.

President Obama has challenged Congress to pass real health care reform in 2009 that upholds three basic principles:
1-Reduce costs by improving efficiency and investing in preventative care.
2-Guarantee every American the right to choose their plan and doctor-including a public insurance option.
3-Ensure quality, affordable care for every American.

Congress must pass real health care reform in 2009.

Drug companies, Insurance Companies and other middlemen have made it impossible for a good Doctor to care properly for his or her patients. My father was one of them who just became so disgusted at our "system" that he stopped seeing patients years ago. He was a good doctor, who cared about patients first and profits second. He made House Calls. The current system is built around a "Deny, Deny and Hope they die" system.
It is truly time for a change.

Paul Goss
Chairman and CEO

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