Wednesday, October 05, 2011

my only Steve Jobs memory

I spent a lot of years attempting to create the best sounding audio system for our living room. I bought most of my stuff at a place called the Audible Difference in Palo Alto across the street from Stanford. One Saturday afternoon I walked in and on the floor was Steve Jobs and John Doerr. They were looking at the first Sony Plasma TV and were ordering some B&W speakers. Discussing how to drive the TV, how great Alan Parson's new recording was and so forth. John was disturbed by the sound of the fans and said he would take "two if the fans were disconnected" and any warranty issues were somehow "taken care of".  Steve would not allow a tape player of any kind in his house. They both bought a few things that added up to well over $200,000... Steve drove a large, older light blue Mercedes with no license plate that was parked haphazardly in two spaces right in front of the entrance to shop. Both were laughing and very friendly. When John's wife came to fetch him she asked what this little shopping trip cost. She was told not to "worry her pretty little head" about it. I was told during another visit that most of the "orders" were cancelled because their demands could not be met. "He doesn't get it", said the salesman about Steve. Right! The only way to drive the TV at that time was with a VCR. Yup. Steve Jobs died too young. He saw  the future. His Life? He didn't waste it.

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