Wednesday, May 11, 2011


there is a buzz in SF this morning and it comes from a tweet: @pgoss: Chrome OS: Everything can be saved to the web. That's crazy! I could throw this into a river, and I won't lose my stuff. No need for virus protection. No annoying updates. No patches. No patches for the patches. Man, serious blow at Microsoft. But it's true. -Engadget. More on this but check out the video and know that Businesses can get Chrome hardware AND software for $28/mo per seat. Education & Gov users $20/mo. 
I have long been a "G" adapter (gmail, blogger, wave(!), android (which I think still should run on an iPhone) etc.). This is disruptive and will change everything.
Chromebook: built for the web. Good stuff! "The web is what you make of it."

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