Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Apple and the future of Apps vs Microsoft, the PC and Andriod

In the past when I was silly enough to get pulled into the pc vs mac discussion (not always friendly-because guys and gals have to justify what they spend their money on) I had only one thought.. "there are programs I use that don't run on a mac". "Macs are cool and beautiful but I use quicken". Today I have an iPad (with mint) and some accessories to make it very functional (another post maybe). I could ditch my laptop if the Pad had flash without a workaround (I'm told it's possible)... but  the iPhone has taught us a new way to look at things.. 

Software used to dictate my purchases of computers and apps will replace software in the future. When you measure the functionality of a blackberry, an android phone or an iPhone you can let a few different ideas color your analysis.. but for my money it's all about apps..and apple's app store has a few more (thousands) than anyone else.. and you've read Rob Scoble's latest comments about apps and Nokia and so forth right? 

It's all about apps.. not just on our phones.. I'm thinking it will be about apps on our computers as well..

Developers hold the cards.. not one but thousands of them... many just shortcuts to web-sites. But that's where it is at. In the cloud. Ultimately developers will write for the platform that lets them have a chance at a decent living.. and that may be windows and iOS for our phones but it also will mean that apple will harness the apps and they will find their way to the desktop and give the mac the boost it needs. I see a future where bloated programs like Office will give way to nimble programs/apps and google docs.. a few years ago I started to open all attachments in Docs and it dramatically changed the way I manage my workflow. So I'm ready. I know I can buy a dell xps with specs that are much better than a loaded mac book pro for less dough but it will never be as cool looking and if you like the apps concept, the apps will be on the mac first.

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