Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In Praise of Andriod and some Mobile Thoughts

Have been dabbling.. Love iPhone 4 (see previous post if you dare) and had a Blackberry Torch for 3 weeks... but this is about Android and what I find to be a clear winner. If you use gMail (and why wouldn't you?) there are some obvious winners (like CloudMagic) but setting up an Android phone is as simple as your gMail address and password.. everything is done... sync'd. Instantly in business.. Address book and more. Apps are amazing (for the most part).. I have downloaded over 60.. I use them all ..from wi-fi manager to bar-code scanner. Voice Search and Goggles are especially facinating. And there is a wonderfully helpful crew of users that have made it very simple to Google a problem and get an answer. Blackberry might consider going to Android. At least on a couple of devices. Or make it an option.

While I'm at it, it appears that the best "deal" for mobile is with Sprint here in the USA. I posted a bunch of tweets over the last few weeks to see what people are thinking about mobile and of course the iPhone wins all races... but so does Sprint... They have some great phones. We are still trying to sort out their service here and have brought an Airade in to use Voip technology for mobile via what is commonly refered to as femtocell technology. The rap on it is that you are paying for the call twice as they send your voice call down your broadband line that you are paying for and then they charge you for the call out of your call minutes.  You might as well just use GoogleVoice and Skype when you are at home. Google voice integrated with gMail is certainly the way to fly these days.. you do have a Google Voice number right? Even if you only use your computer and a Mobile Phone to make calls. The best reason to have a Google Voice number is that then you have  a number for folks to call you back on that you can program to work with your computer (through Google Talk) and your Phone.. not to mention any other phones you might have....  the evolution continues. 

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