Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring and The Weather! Sand in the Shower...

This is the Central Coast. Monterey, Salinas, Moss Landing, Pebble Beach, Big Sur...We have had more rain than anyone can remember here this winter (if you are one of my friends from Canada, I'm not really complaining mind you :)). Hard to get out and play golf or do much of anything..BUT... this morning the shower had Beach Sand in it... Beach Sand in the shower is a sure sign that someone had walked on the Beach and brought enough home to make a bit of a mess... So thoughts turn to spring and it's daylight savings and everyone at the Treehouse starts thinking about the Beach and water sports... We also think about Surfrider at the Treehouse and all the cool events that are coming up. Please visit the site and maybe do a little shopping for the good cause:

Onr Make plans to help the 100,000 pieces of litter pick up... Our Oceans and beaches deserve out help..

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