Friday, August 22, 2008

latest set-up and new firmware

so here's the new app set-up with some ideas... Gmail is good for composing because you can do it in landscape...the standard apps should all be able to operate that way. att needs to rollout a faster network and the wi-fi in this device needs to be speeded up as well .. the new firmware update seems to improve battery life at the expense of wi-fi availability.. MobileMe continues to be a disaster... error messages when I boot the main computer here telling me that the sync has stopped working and so forth...checking for a solution and closing the program.. email delivery continues to be slower (by far) that the Bberrys I used for years.. all that said, I really like the phone...the speakerphone could be louder and this and that... but the apps and functionality is great.. if I were responding to 100's of emails a day like the old days this would be nothing but a novelty... I remain surprised apple let this get out the door with so many bugs... landscape viewing needs to be added to ALL apps....especially email....did I already make that point???

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